What's Brazilian Food without Plantains?

Posted by Antoinette R. Banks | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, April 08, 2010



I had a real taste for Brazilian food today so I decided to try this Brazilian eatery called Libra in Culver City on Main street that opened a week ago. The decor was sleekly designed with white furniture, exposed ceilings, and hanging orb fixtures with an impressive buffet-style self-serve items ranging from cous cous to roasted chicken.

What I found particularly disturbing was the fact that the availability of food was minuscule as if the chef wasn't anticipating a crow during peak lunch hours. Maybe that should have been sign...maybe the confusing layout of salads should have been another sign...maybe the fact that there wasn't one beloved plantain in site should have been a sign. Nevertheless, I pressed on, only to be hit with a bill of $14.00 for a plate.

Despite Kat Odell's promising review on LA Eatery, I was let down in an extreme way. Had the food been warm, I might have loved the combined herbs and walked away with a smile. Instead, I'm still hungry and wondering why the owner was seating nearby without so much of a "hello" to the three people in the restaurant.

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