Astronauts and Makeup

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On Monday, Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki will board the Discovery as her first space flight. This launch will be known as the maiden mission as she will join three other female astronauts and act as transport master. She has said, "Any task performed by astronauts can be done irrespective of gender differences." (high five to Ms. Yamazaki)

Despite the fact that Shigeki Kamigaichi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's space station manager, said, "Her mission, nonetheless, is sure to be highly complex" readers are more interested in knowing what beauty supplies Yamazaki will be bringing. Apparently, lipstick and pressed powders are a go, loose powder and flammables (nail polishes) are not. Sarah Howard from Interview has a tip for Yamazaki, "pack bronzer. There’s no sunbathing in outer space."

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