This is Sens Musiq--"Music from the corazon"

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Sens Musiq is an inspirational Hip Hop artist where he doesn't let music change him, he vows to change music. What excites me about this up and coming dynamo is his raw energy, strength and passion that's relevant in each track. (I got the priviledge to hear snippets of a few). I'm impressed by his ability to create music where every other word isn't laced with cussing while he maintains an integral message throughout his self entitled album soon to drop late summer.

In an impromptu interview with Sens Musiq he illustrates how "other artists pretty much rep where they're from, which is foreign to a lot of us. It's like someone is introducing their, culture, or their fads. But my God is omnipresent so instead of representing my area, I represent a God that's every where and for everyone."

I hear where's he's coming from and I'm there..but what if a person consider's God to be foreign to them? I asked him how would they relate. "We vibe through my experiences. Somehow, someway, who I am connects to the people that listen to my music. If they don't know God, they know struggle, pain, and hurt. Instead of glorifying those things that caused [those experiences], I try to give a remedy to that hurt and pain."

We can expect "great music and more passion" from Sens Musiq. His upcoming projects include a mixtape that'll be out early summer as well as his album that can be purchased at

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