Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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So many people try to find validation in the opposite sex, colleagues, friends, and relatives. It's natural to want to hear affirmations, but what is most important is how YOU feel about yourself. I'd like for you to take a look in the mirror and say these 5 things:

1. For my ladies, "you are beautiful," for my fellas "you are handsome." While you may not feel like Hedi Klum or Brad Pitt, it's important that you keep gushing over yourself. Every time you pass a mirror wink at yourself. (Make sure no one is looking, of course.)

2. Tell yourself, "You are soooo smart." Studies have shown that girls begin to develop the belief that they shouldn't be smarter than boys as early as elementary school. (Sorry guys, you think you rule the world anyway, so this one is for my ladies).

3. "You're funny." Last Saturday I was standing in line to see Clash of the Titans. People started pushing a little bit so I said, "Hey no one here is a Titan so let's stop clashing." Lame? I know. But it made me laugh and that's the important thing. Sometimes the funniest jokes are the lame ones. Have a carefree attitude and laugh every once and awhile.

4. "You are worth loving." Never become complacent in any situation. Don't believe when he tells you, "no one is going to love you like me," don't believe when she tells you, "you can't do any better." You are special and unique in all of your vices and virtues. I promise you somewhere, someone will love that you droll in your sleep.

5. "You're an amazing friend." You know you're there when your buddy has a flat tire. You're there when they've had one too many drinks. You been a willing punch bag when anger strikes and a loving pillow when the tears fall. You do a good job at supporting someone, so pat yourself on the back.

Reprogram your subconscious to do the impossible by using affirmations with passion throughout the day. Be your own cheerleader and love the amazing person you are.

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