Top 10 Funny Words According to Antoinette R. Banks

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Hi all! 

Don't laugh at the title...I'm reemphasizing that it may not be funny to you, but it sure is to me. 

I’m a low key nerd when it comes to it. I love technology, I like museums, understanding how things work and so on…I’m full of USEFUL facts that find a way of blurting themselves out from time to time.  

Maybe I should go on Jeopardy? Hmmm.…

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the top 10 Funniest Words according to me.  Some because of their spelling and some because of their meaning.  Watch when you read it…you’ll see what I mean.

  1. Abibliophobia—the fear of running out of reading material
  2. Anencephalous—Lacking a brain.  (I’ve used this when talking to my boss. Makes me laugh EVERYTIME)
  3. Brouhaha—a loud uproar
  4. Bowyang—A strap that hold the pant legs together. (I can’t even begin to explain why this is funny to me).
  5. Cockalorum—A small conceited man (if I have to explain why…please don’t comment on this blog)
  6. Callipygian—Having an attractive boo-tay! (This is funny only because there’s an actually word for MY butt lol)
  7. Ecdysiast—An exotic dancer. (Say the word slowly—you’ll get it)
  8. Quean—A scandalous woman. (When your man calls you his Queen, make sure it’s QuEEN and not QuEAn)
  9. Ranivarious—Frog-eating (The word is funny to me)
  10. Vomitary—An exit or outlet. (This one makes me chuckle)

What are your favorite funny words? Let’s all have a nerd moment. 

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Wow you are weird lol I never even heard of some of those words sheesh but i definitely need to hear the pronunciation of 2 and 6 so i can use it

Ok, Mello...I got you. Thanks for the feedback, and I'll look up a pronunciation key for you.

Hilarious!! You've got to post more of these 10 every week so we can build up an arsenal of vocabulary to use for every-day hilarity.

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