I Thought I'd Never Say This

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"Someday, you're going to wish to be a kid again," said my mother. My personal and quiet rebuttal at 14 was, "hellllllllll no, I can't do anything!" but alas she was right. I enjoy the freedom of adulthood, but what I miss more is me trusting my inner child's spontaneity. There have been too many times where a child's belief in fantasy and the never ending possibilities were needed and my mind simply said, "no, not possible."

Last night I was trying to get some writing done and my 3 year old kept screaming and laughing and because I was so engrossed in my web of words, I yelled, "keep it down." Instantly, I felt guilty and thought, "Antoinette, you're horrible. Go laugh with your daughter." I broke out the brushes and paints and we painted for hours-most of the paint on each other than the canvas. Not only did my daughter learn more about colors and mixing them, we had a great time doing it.

Who says being an adult is synonymous with being stern and uncompromising? Why do we limit ourselves and mask it by saying, "I'm just being realistic?"

I challenge you to imprint your adult self with one characteristic from your childhood everyday. Put a bow in your hair, eat a scoop of ice cream, run through your house, ask "why" a million times, whisper a secret in someone's ear, and laugh uncontrollably.

You will start to see your work getting done faster, your stress levels go done, and a better attitude. If, and I cringe while I'm typing this, IF I do get wrinkles, I'd rather them be from a smile than a frown.

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There is always a child me and it makes me feels good. I love it more when my boyfriend treats me like his baby when in reality I am older than him. Count me in when it comes to playing with kids. My nephew and nieces are my best of friends.

I am happy you had a wonderful time with your daughter. :)

Thank you, Jolly Princess! Can I have a boyfriend treat me like his baby? LOL!!

hey thnx so much 4 makin me realize tht stl der is a childish instinct in me!!!my life is kindoff stressful n i wuld luv tryn this out!!:)

Try it out! Laugh more and do things you love to do even if no one approves. Thank you for commenting, I always appreciate feedback.

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