What's in A Name?--1st Day of A Month of Romance

Posted by Antoinette R. Banks | Posted in | Posted on Monday, February 01, 2010



What's in a name? And what does your name mean to you? Social science research has found that the names we are given at birth carry substantial psychological weight. We learn to define ourselves by the names we are given. But what about a name that a man calls you?

Take for instance, if a man calls you sexy--You feel desirable, wanted and in some cases lustful. A name can define how we act and react.

What about if a man calls you breezy? Or “my girl” instead of woman? Or in worst cases, “stupid,” “retard,”“bitch.” All of these names do not help define the woman or cultivate a woman no matter how playful it is said.

So, for the first day of February, I encourage you to write down everything negative and semi negative that a man has ever called you. Reach back…wayyyyyyyy back. Think about each time you were made to feel less of a woman, less of a wife, less of a girlfriend. Write it all down and store it in a place. You will see what to do with it later.

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