But God Made Me This Way

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But God Made Me This Way is an article on Relevant Magazine's site adapted from Christianish by Mark Steele.

Here's an excerpt that caught my attention:

Sin separates us from God and from one another. Sin separates us from peace. Sin separates us from joy. Sin destroys family, relationships, community. Sin forges a wedge of hatred between cultures, denominations and political parties. Between interest groups, races and genders. Sin convinces us that we are right and everyone else is wrong and that this distinction is more important than love. Sin numbs a heart until it no longer yearns after people—and eventually no longer yearnsafter God

Click here to read the full article:
RELEVANT Magazine - But God Made Me This Way

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I think thats a little harsh. This is not the old testament. Salvation connects everything that sin separates us from. Being consumed by sin could cause a separation, but we are born into sin, so your free will to do sin separates us more than the sin itself

Very, very interesting prospective. Thanks! @ Sens

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