Not Osama?!?!?

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So here I am…enjoying lunch with good people in Culver City. The food is fantastic, the weather is just right—my idea of a lunch.

My colleague decides to ask for more hot sauce and 5 minutes later comes our bubbly waitress with a hot sauce bottle. I didn’t think much of it until I stopped my fork filled with delicious leafy greens mid air to stare at the “Not Osama” hot sauce.

Maybe, I’m just getting hip to this, however if this was a hot sauce that was in favor of the democratic party…why would the back drop illustrate some war ridden place in Saudi Arabia with Arabic writings that probably say, “kill or be killed”

Not only did I get a headache but I decided to do some digging. Turns out these fellas actually have a site called Hot Sauce Zone

Insidious indications of our President having ties elsewhere is so boring I don’t have enough energy to yawn anymore.

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Ignorance sells! I wonder what would they call George Bushes hot sauce, World Trade Center

ahah thanks for the post, Sens. Hilarious!

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