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I don’t have a “my people.” At least not in your conventional since. “My people” used to be who surrounded me in my neighborhood with similar features.  It used to be the ones called black, although black seems to be the only word associated with different hues of golden browns to enriched mahogany.

The cliché of “my people” have now dwindled away. I do not identify with the stagnant ideas, notions, or the methodology of trying to get over.  I don’t identify with the hook up at the gas station, the “I’ma just get a rich baby daddy,” or “I know someone who can get that Evo for free.”  I don’t identify with the mockery made of my love of asymmetrical designs or abstract patterns—and what sucks is if I told them the truth of it being a Gucci design, they’d be on it by name alone.

I have now embraced a new set of people-ones who have emerged through a cocoon surrounded by bullshit and have reawakened into the ones that are hungry.  Ones that are focused on the upward climb instead of a downward spiral of all things flashy.  My people are not categorized by color or gender, label or vintage, prius or maserati--but for they that treat their goals as children—nurturing them, investing in them—A TRUE “no child left behind.” My people are infused with positivity and admit they know nothing and in that admittance, they have become geniuses.

And although it saddens me to leave some behind, I’m fascinated by who I’ll meet along the way. No one ever said hard work would be easy, and perhaps if it were easy—we’d never realize when we’ve made it.  

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So I think this may be the post you said you got hate emails from, and once again I don't really see anything that warrants hate. Opinions are opinions and I guess since yours are strong maybe some of those folks fall into some of those categories and may think that it's nothing wrong with being that way. Which it may not be because it's an opinion? I get what you're saying, and I also don't take every single word written literally. I understand your basic premise, and the second message which is shedding light to removing labels, Color, Brands, and just letting the Person, goal setting, influential, positive, receptive, and outwardly thinking minds know it's OK to be that way and are free from the BS.To me that's what I got from MY PEOPLE. Last but not least it's so true and saddens me also that I will have to leave allot of people behind because where I'm going everyone can't come. But I'm Excited.

I'm glad you agree, Ron. I always look forward to your comments.

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