I Just Wanna Be Successful (no pun intended Drake)

Posted by Antoinette R. Banks | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, October 17, 2010



I want my success to have the same characteristics of a fountain.  Pulling in and pushing out a wealth of knowledge.  Giving back the quarters of wishes thrown into me.  Captivating crowds with an alien act of sharing, but better yet….seducing. Because that’s what knowledge should be…foreplay. 

I want an explosian of an exchange like Kings Fahd’s fountain in Jeddah and emulate strength like the Archibald Fountain in Sydney. Perhaps the transference of my success could spellbind admirers like the Tivoli Fountain in Italy or I could show up and show out like the Bellagio Fountains in Vegas.

Whatever the case may be, I’ve always been an advocate in returning what I’ve been given and for better lack of words...getting off on it. 

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