Is Chris Brown A Problem For "Takers"?

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News across the web is centralizing on Chris Brown possibly being a problem for Takers.  Although one of the producers for the film, Will Packer, said Brown’s legal troubles had nothing to do with the release date, the facts are clear.  Filming for Takers began in 2008 and has been delayed MULTIPLE times. His optimism is comforting to Brown’s career as he says, “I think this will give him the opportunity to have the focus on something positive he has done, which are hard work and a great performance," Packer said.

In weeks leading up to the release of Takers, Brown’s face has actually been removed from most of the advertisement…sheesh.

And according to CNN, pop culture expert, S. Tia Brown says, “the marketing has been smart in that while the film has a majority African-American cast, it has managed so far to avoid being typecast, while still courting that demographic.”  She also goes on to say, “"It was shot in a way which doesn't make you think 'black movie,'" Brown said.”All of the guys are in custom suits and they are classy crooks, not drug dealers or something stereotypical."  Now…I typically love the words that effortlessly flow from Ms. S. Tia Brown…but let’s be real…this whole movie is a stereotype. I’m glad they not saggn, with gold teeth, sucking on chicken bones in the back of a car to small for 24’s…but the majority of the film’s actors are black…playing bank robbers.  It’s not the kind of blatant disrespect in my previous post, but more visually gentle in a Hollywood sort of way. 

There’s no question that the gentlemen bandits look fabulous strolling away from explosions but really, the film itself took a bunch of second-string actors too young to get a role in 'The Expendables' and put them in a very average cops and robbers flick.
Kudos to my baby daddy-Michael Ealy…always a good a sight for me.  Wait…did I just type that? 

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Michael Ealy is my baby daddy! And idris is my husband!
I somewhat agree about CB, but i think they wanted T.I. to be outta jail as well. lol

LOL! Good comment on TI, Brittny! I completely forgot about him while I was wrapped up in commenting on CB. Thanks for the commenting. :)

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