Please Don't Yell...It Hurts My Head

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 I find it quite interesting that I find myself in a paradox of sorts...on one end I'm getting e-mails from readers asking to write more on media and gossip.  On the other hand, I'm getting Christian's asking me why I am writing any secular topics it all. And although I appreciate your concern...did sending an e-mail in all caps make you feel better. (Yes, you...I'm talking to YOU).

Let me put it simply...this is my blog; outlet for my expression.  My banner has always been "AtypicalAnecdote: God, Life, and Observations all aggregated in a progressive pot of goodness."  Let's dissect the matter...this blog is my pot of gumbo...and in that gumbo I speak on my religious beliefs, and mainstream stories that draw some type of surprising emotion from me.Whether is draws my sarcasm, anger, love...I'll write on it.

I love that each of you read my blogs and send me e-mails on them.  Just know that I am not that writer that falls into a certain type of genre...exploration is key to elevation.

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This is your safe place... whatever falls on your heart here, should be welcomed and celebrated. After all, we are Christians living in the real world. It took Christ to come down and deal with real matter of the world in order to get a following and lead others to God. Do you boo... you are and example of living for Christ in and out of church! WHO SHOT YA!

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