President Obama's State of the Union Address

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President Obama said a few things that would make even the most rigorous Libertarian sit up a little taller in their chair. To be perfectly honest, I have not been as pleased with his term or his decisions but I have slowly come around to being pro Obama again. Although I would have liked to watch his address with my grandmother last night, my daughter had other things in mind.  

I sat and listened to this man who had promised so much at the beginning of his term and had failed. I then thought about how his presence alone seemed to be the unifying force for all ethnicities and how he is simply the most progressive President since FDR. You could tell from jump that as republican and democrats sat side by side, there was a little bit of a stale attitude creeping from the audience and out of the television.  Democrats who usually leap from their chairs with admiration and joy politely sat and clapped as they agreed with what the President said their neighbor Republican looked head on.

I was waiting on him to tackle a few issues head that seemed to cause unrest in the American people.  He said, “I've heard rumors that a few of you have some concerns about the new health care law," Obama joked. On curbing illegal immigration, Obama did little beyond expressing his support for tackling the issue and acknowledging that it will be "difficult and take time". The White House knows that Obama entered tonight's speech with genuine political momentum following last year's lame-duck Congressional session and the reaction to his handling of the Tucson tragedy. The speech then was geared to play it somewhat safe, offering up a popular message -- America needs to "win the future" -- and not engaging on some of the issues that dominated political discourse over the past two years.

This blog is not meant to give a blow by blow of what was spoken about…but as I mentioned before, after I sat with my 4 year and listened to a man whose complexion mirrors my own, how he compliments his white grandmother for instilling in him—much like my background---I’d like to remain hopeful.  Prayerfully he has a plan for his feel good words and I can again jump out of my seat with as much enthusiasm as I had on Nov. 4th of 2008.

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