Bet You Didn't Know--Talib Kweli released an Album TODAY!

Posted by Antoinette R. Banks | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Tablib Kweli said in an interview with Lipshultz on Billboard when questioned about his TV spot for Pepsi Max's NFL playoffs campaign:

"There's a segment of my fan base that wants to believe that I'm in some basement somewhere with a notebook, with a backpack on, writing rhymes to Eminem instrumentals or something," says Kweli. "So the idea that at this point [is that] I'm 35 years old and there's no music business, and I have grown man responsibilities, so of course I'm going to get paid for my craft. And I'm going to work with companies that are willing to support the lifestyle."

I respect that.  What most of you don't know--unless you out searching for that good hip hop is that Kewl's 5th album "Gutter Rainbows" was released digitally today. You can cop that on itunes here. 

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