Is Usher Alright?

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Usher has been on his OMG tour for a lifetime it seems.  Last Wednesday night he cancelled his sold out show in Berlin "due to illness" according to  He tried coming back for a make up, but he only lasted five songs.  When it was time to sing, "There Goes My Baby," he just couldn't do it.
Responding to his fans while they booed him off stage, Usher promptly apologized. What sucks is Usher's fans in Berlin aren't eligible for a refund because technically, he did perform.
What the video below.  The action starts around 1:28.

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Yeah Usher probably just needs a break go home see his kids and relax. It has to be hard on them day in and day out performing trying to give they all, and some days you just don't have it. When it comes to fans its like what's that go to do with us? I payed my money you better sing! Hopefully thats it just tired.

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