SSSHHH It's A Secret (in Reality?)

Posted by Antoinette R. Banks | Posted in , , | Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Some of you have gotten e-mails from me, but I wanted to make this OFFICIAL...VH1 is looking for outgoing candidates for a relationship based reality talk show. We have to keep the host's name on a hush for confidentiality reasons, but never fear...the host is a WELL known and successful match maker.

The show's focus is on single's dating dilemmas and couples conflict (think we can ALL relate to this one). And for all you superheros concerned with airing your dirty laundry, trust that no unveiling of your secret identify will be given at the stroke of midnight; this taping is strictly for a pilot.

Tweet me, Facebook me, e-mail whatever you need to get on this exclusive list. Consider it an inexpensive trip to a well renowned therapist.

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