Lyrics of an Under Cover Agent

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Yesterday I posted on my facebook wall Erykah Badu's lyric "I'm a recovering undercover over-lover" from her song Out My Mind, Just in Time--A song off her album, New Amerykah Part 2 which dropped on March 30th two years ago.  I covered it in this blog here: Welcome back Badu

Based on my facebook post, I received a request asking me what I thought about that line...well here goes....

How many of us can identify with being an over-lover? Someone like Erykah croons about dying for, lying for, praying for, and even crocheting for...makes me want to shutter in remembrance. I think what got me is her word play--as she often does in her neosoul melodies. She admits being undercover agent for that somewhat undying love.  How often do we all hide the amazing lengths we are willing to go for that special someone who has unlocked the secrets to our hearts?

Moving back says she's in recovery MEANING she has yet to let go.  Like a caner in remission, that love that was once pure has become poisonous. Not poisonous to kill us, just enough to hurt where the hurt almost becomes an identifiable marker where it's hard to exist without we go back. Because we can't identify with happiness...that makes us uneasy. Some people can't exist without drama because drama to them runs parallel with passion which is the questionable theory of happiness.

I'm a recovering undercover over-lover...the first step is admittance.  

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