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I had lunch the other day with a friend of mine who was born with the genius gene. He's a complete obnoxious specimen, but his clarity brings my life clarity. He said plainly, "Antoinette, this week, don't be afraid to show your crown."

I know I've been blessed with different talents, different qualities, and a level of success at the age of 24. All my accomplishments have happened because I made them happened--no hand out's here. But sometimes I allow my intelligence to get stifled as in attempt to make others comfortable during meetings and conversations. And although my next sentence will make me send like a Pompus Billboard I'm going to say it anyway: I also know that my beauty can be offsetting in a professional setting as well. Somehow young, intelligent, and beautiful are ingredients for women to spew malice and make my life a living hell.

So, when I heard, "...don't be afraid to show your crown" I stopped my fork (filled with yummy brown rice and veggies) mid air as if a light switch went on. BING!!! There are a certain few that carry royalty both from an organic and hereditary well and it's OK to give people a drink from it every once and a while.

This week, I have allowed my crown to shine, and I urge you to let your royalty show--no matter what. Don't be afraid by what other's may think or how someone may feel based on your natural genius and God given abilities. Continue moving down your own individual plan of righteousness. Be the best writer, painter, chef, plumber, designer, architect, or caregiver that walked the face of this earth.

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