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Hey all! For those of you looking for my review on the BET awards here’s the post again. Dunno what happened, but thanks Kathleen for bringing it to my attention!

Queen Latifah set the tone with what may have been the funniest opening we’ve seen from the BET Awards in years. From poking fun at Usher liking menopausal women to Drake being, “cute, but clumsy” she definitely kept the show entertaining. All hail the Queen.

Now, if you watched the BET Awards, I’m sure you found Alicia’s performances to be a little…uh …disturbing. Don’t get me wrong; she looked absolutely amazing pregnant…but sexy turns into alarming when you decide to climb a piano combating the offset of gravity due to a 5 month old in your womb! I was too worried about her to be taken by her performance. :::sigh:::

What perhaps stole the show was Chris Brown’s ruined Michael Jackson tribute. Brown has the perfect moves to mirror the King of Pop, and across the blogosphere there was more mention of him blubbering through “Man in the Mirror,” then El Debarge’s EXCELLENT performance that launched his first album in 16 years, Kanye’s comeback performance of “Power” since his shamed event at the VMA’s, and Prince’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Was this because people were on the fence of his performance? Was Brown moved by Mike’s memory or was he trying to get back into America’s graces. Much like the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.

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